School Counseling

What does a school counselor do? 

The Levi P. Dodge Counseling program is an equal partner with the instructional program, which strives to meet the student’s academic, career readiness, and personal/social needs. It complements learning in the classroom, is student centered, preventative, and developmental. The counseling program teams with students, parents, and Dodge staff to help students maximize their potential in academic, social, emotional and personal growth.

What does the School Counseling Program Provide?

Through large group guidance activities and lessons, coordination of student services, collaboration with staff and parents, and individual and small group counseling the counselor provides students assistance with:

* Developing a positive self-image.

* Showing respect for self and others.

* Understanding and utilizing the decision-making process and conflict resolution skills.

* Establishing and maintaining positive relationships with adults and peers.

* Developing effective study skills.

* Being prepared to make a successful transition to high school.

* Exposure to post-secondary and career options.

Dodge School Counselors

Jennifer Hogan

Supporting students with the last names A-K

(651) 460-1598

[email protected]


Glee Slater

Supporting students with the last names L-Z

(651) 460-1599

[email protected]

DMS School Counseling Website

Student Support Groups

Educational counseling groups are offered to students in the Fall. Group participation is voluntary and student initiated. We encourage students to discuss group choices with their parent/guardian. 

Student support groups provide students with information on coping strategies, academic skills, and social skills. Groups are educational in nature and are time-limited. If you do NOT want your child to participate in a group, please call the school (651)-460-1500.


In order to develop a safe and trusting environment, the school counselors at Dodge Middle School regard information shared by students as confidential.

However, there are limitations to confidentiality, these limits are:

* A student saying they will harm themselves or others,

* A student discussing a crime they were involved in or knew about,

* A student discussing abusive situations

If you have questions about confidentiality, please feel free to contact one of the school counselors.