Welcome to Dodge PTP!


We are excited for what the 2017-2018 school year has in store for our students, teachers, staff and parents at Dodge Middle School!

The Parent Teacher Partnership (PTP) consists of parents and staff working together to provide support and enhanced educational opportunities, through both volunteers and financial resources, for all students and teachers at Dodge Middle School. As we all know, our middle school students still need us as they prepare for high school and beyond. PTP is one simple way to stay involved with our kids yet still give them the “space” they so want in these middle school years. It is also a great way to show the teachers and staff how much we support them as they teach and give of themselves to our children day after day. The PTP also encourages positive communication between staff, parents, and students by providing a forum for information on educational issues and promoting school spirit and a sense of community within the school.

The Dodge families are the foundation of our PTP and it is important that you are kept informed about what we are doing throughout the school year. Attending PTP meetings is just one way to get involved in the Dodge PTP.

Our approach is vastly different than the elementary in that we work to help build a stronger understanding of the middle school years and not so much on fundraising and volunteering. Rest assured the time commitment is significantly less!

We are looking forward to another fabulous school year at Dodge Middle School! Please feel free to contact Chris Bussmann, Principal with any questions you may have!