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WHAT WE DO:  We play games and hold planned activities.  Some examples of games we may play are Dungeons and Dragons (new this year), Pokémon (using cards and/or DS), Lego activities (free play, specific building projects and special outings to MOA Lego Store).  We also allow the students to play app games that are rated Teen and under.  We also have good old-fashioned parlor games like checkers and chess.

 Your student will need to bring personal gaming supplies depending on what they are playing.  Chances are that they already have these supplies, but if not and there is a hardship getting them, let us know---we have other gamers who can probably lend them a hand.   See the Gaming Group Schoology page for a description of gaming activities and necessary supplies.

 On special occasions we partner with the high school gaming group, who host student led tournaments with games such as Mario Kart, Smash Bros and other T/PG-13 rated games.

 The student participants arrange tournaments.  Snacks and beverages are served  (usually popcorn and lemonade).  We also do a food pack at Feed My Starving Children toward the end of the year. Announcements for special activities will be announced on our Schoology page.   

We indirectly give students practical practice in academic areas.   However, the main goal of our group is social.  We’ve listed some of the areas they may be getting indirect experience in HERE:

·      leadership skills (teaching and mentoring others)

·      management skills (organizing, planning and leading games)

·      social skills (making friends in a one-to-one and group setting)

·      Math skills (dice/statistics and working with numbers)

·      Writing skills (creative composition/elements of fiction/game scenarios)

·      Media Tech/ computer skills (software and hardware)

Specific information on our activities will be found on our Gamers Group Schoology page.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions.  


Mrs. Boogerd and Mrs. Hummel
Your Gamers Group Advisors

Mandi Boogerd:
Tanni Hummel:

 Room 139 phone:  651-460-1551